Susan Weiss-Fischmann:

Susan Weiss-Fischmann, Executive Vice-President and Artistic Director of OPI, believes that fashion is a head-to-toe proposition, one that very definitely includes nail care. "In order to look good," she says, "well groomed hands are essential."

With an extensive background in the New York garment industry, Weiss-Fischmann maintains close contacts with fashion designers. Each season, she is privy to information on shape, fabric and color long before the release of the designer fashion collections. With that information, she is able to develop her own seasonal nail color collection so that they dovetail perfectly with the latest trends in clothing and accessories.

In addition to fashion, Weiss-Fischmann makes education a priority. She has developed an OPI educational system which is taught to nail technicians by more than 300 educators in the field. The system covers professional techniques for all types of manicuring services and artificial nail extensions, stressing healthy nail care and salon sanitation. "proper hygiene is essential for the health of both the nail technician and the client," she says. "It is this emphasis on complete education which make our company unique." Overall, the guiding principal at OPI is quality and Weiss-Fischmann's goal is to maintain that quality at all times. Her clients rely on the company's conscientious attention to detail, and, of course, on the excellence of the products themselves. "We run our company in a way that yields optimum results "she says, "and to do that, we must never relax our pursuit to be the very best."