George Schaeffer:

For OPI President, George Schaeffer, his love affair with the American fashion industry was instant and lasting. Working in a Manhattan's bustling garment district, Schaeffer launched an exciting and successful career in the sportswear business, fueled by his passion for design, color and beauty.

Eventually, however, Schaeffer was lured to Los Angeles, fulfilling a lifelong dream of living the good
life in the West. There he developed a thriving dental supply business, and eventually stumbled upon an interesting coincidence -- the porcelains used by dentists were very similar to the those used by nail technicians to create artificial nails. The prospect of returning to the fashion industry was compelling for Schaeffer, who began the business pursuit which became OPI Products Inc.

Today, OPI stands as the leader in the professional nail care industry. Schaeffer brought the high standards of research, technology and excellence that were present in the dental business and applied them to this new market, resulting in one innovation after another. Over the years, he has become an important presence at trade shows, talking to professionals about their needs and concerns. With the information he gathers, he is able to set trends and remain firmly in place as the leader of the professional nail industry.

Always looking forward, Schaeffer now devotes a great deal of his time to developing new products and working on nail-related issues such as salon sanitation, health and hygiene. The founding member of the Nail Manufacturer's Council, he continues to work with that group as its president on legislative and regulatory matters.